KDE Gear 23.04

In the Arch Testing repo right now, and the announcement is here:

The full changelog is here.

Quite a few changes and some new apps added to the KDE Gear portfolio. I’m happy that Kasts (podcast manager) is included in this release - no more builldng from the AUR once it hits the stable repos.


Now available in the stable repos, so update and receive whenever you wish :gift:


Nice. There are quite a few apps I’ve never heard of :+1:

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anyone else got a 30-60 sec delay before any apps can be opened after reaching desktop after updating to this?


Not noticing a delay here, and certainly not 30+ seconds.

No delay on anything here that didn’t have a delay before, perhaps it was something else on your system that updated?

i got the updates this morning. fantastic!
audiotube, plasmatube, kasts and tokoton are really very good applications.
everything works really great


I was interested in trying out audiotube. Strangely, on both my wife’s computer and mine the video thumbnails don’t load at all leaving a lot of white space. Otherwise it works great. Hope this minor bug is fixed soon because it takes away from the aesthetics…

OK, I finally updated.

They actually made spectacle usable. I have stopped using it every time I have tried because it was so inefficient given the way I wanted to use it but now it actually works pretty well. I am going to give it another shot.

Neochat seems like a nice replacement for Element Desktop and will let me remove another Electron application.

plasmatube seems to not work for me at all. It’s default instance isn’t available and changing the default instance doesn’t seem to work.

Nothing else in there is really interesting to me personally but it good to see things moving forward on the apps side.

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KDE Gear 23.04.1 is in the Arch repos for your delectation.

A full changelog is here:

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