KDE Dolphin Trash Limit Broken Suddenly

Not with Dolphin, but with other apps.

Since I learned about the benefits of having a separate home partition, I tend to keep all my configs as a backup and replace/add them to new installs.

Some apps may not respond to the old configs properly because maybe a feature has been removed, or I forgot to install a dependency.

Man yk it just pissed and scared me off when it deleted the goddamn folder without even prompting me or moving it to trash , it was like the free space bar showed 216 gb free at first the 218 , then 219 and all of a sudden 252 . I don’t know what happened but really confused me, now with a reinstall it doesn’t happen but that time it really confused the world out of me.

I know them feels, but for an entirely different reason.

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Thanks brother , you have been a real nice person with all the other members of this forum.
Love y’all !

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Well just just an article from article linux , what ya think is systemd crap ? And from your point what are the differences between arrix and endeavour, to me they re literally the same with endeavour utilising systemd nd artix having other init systems while being a lot more minimalistic.

EnOS and Artix are pretty much the same with systemd being the only real difference. Most users don’t actually need to care about the init system though because an init system, what it does, and how it works is usually beyond their understanding and/or needs in terms of features.

If you really want to know the differences, you can either read the Arch articles about it or find a video with an explanation.

In fact, I am going to install Artix in a VM right now just to see if there are any default user-facing software differences outside of EnOS’s tools.

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So. All done.

  • Artix gives you the option of the init system you want prior to download. I chose runit.
  • Once that’s done, the install is the same as every other that use calamares.
  • They don’t give you the option of maintenance tools made by Artix like EnOS does.
  • The installation is seemingly faster.
  • The default web browser is Gnome Web on the Xfce version - not sure about the QT/KDE versions.
  • They have a basic dark theme that the installer says works in GTK and Qt environments.

Other than these things, there is nothing here that would matter to average users. It’s an even more bare-bones Arch than EnOS if I’d want to nitpick.

So, if base Arch is what you want to start from and build, all without the hassle of installing from a black screen with text, then this is another great option for that. An even greater one is the ALSI iso from ArcoLinux/Arch (really don’t know who to credit :person_shrugging:).

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Hmm you know I really like minimalistic distros , that is the only reason why I shifted from Garuda to Endeavour, will try artix and see if I want to settle there but won’t have this community to back me up tho .

You don’t have to leave the community because you are using another distro. You only need to ensure that when you have an issue, you state that you are using another distro. If you decide to use Artix, then you may also need to state which init system you are using.

The main thing to keep in mind is that any issues you encounter may be specific to the distro you are using. Even in the Arch wikis for other init systems, it says that you need to let people know you are using another init system. It’s the same here. Just friendlier.

Tried it , too much work for my liking , will use endeavour as my main and learn arch+artix on a vm . Thanks for the tip though.

Too much work? What do you mean?

Installing too much software , big updates than endeavour and no maintainence tools like endeavour, plus less compatibility than systemd.

No significant improvement than systemd in my opinion.

I see. that’s what actual base Arch is like though, with systemd of course.

The “big updates” are entirely based on the iso you download. I downloaded an iso that was generated on December 4, so I had minor updates.

As far as apps are concerned, you pretty much have to install all the apps yourself on EnOS as well. The only difference is there is a software tool that allows you to click install rather than type what you want to install.

If not having those tools are a dealbreaker for you, Siduction Linux is probably a better choice overall. It’s a Debian-based rolling release distro with the “benefit” of having many GUI software installers to choose from.

I only mention this because from what I’ve read here on the forum, the EnOS team is small, which means they can UNFORTUNATELY disappear at any time.

"Disappear at any time " Man dis is quite sad but the likes of this happening are quite low , Hopefully.
With endeavour a least there is a good compatibility because it uses systemd .

As I said , being a minimalistic guy , GUI is not a dealbreaker for me.
It is just the damn ISO was so old and half of the config was messed up , the plasma appearence config in particular. Plus compatibility is the biggest dealbreaker for me.

Init systems generally don’t break compatibility. You should really read what they do.

And again, if you chose an older ISO, then that is the only reason you had all those updates.

The Artix site states that it has two sets of ISOs: release and weekly - maybe not in those words, but something like that.

As far as EnOS is concerned, they almost did disappear over a year ago and again in the last few months. It is actually 50/50 at the very least in terms of likeliness.

However, this is still not a thing to be concerned about because the huge benefit of using a distro that is close to its base is that you can just remove their repos and continue on without any big issues. At least, for Arch-based distros. Not sure about others.

Well somewhere on reddit I read that a lot , A LOT of arch and aur apps require systemd and using runinit or dninit could break compatibility in certain apps.

What you would suggest , should I keep using endeavour os , man I don’t want to have a sort of thanos-snap like distro.

Read this again.

Yes , read it , what you think though ? What distro like Endeavour would you recommend as an alternative ?

One is Artix .

If you’d like to know what requires systemd, it’s easy to find the info here:

Just click on “Show more” where it says “Required by”.

  • For something already set up with great themes: Archcraft
    → I am currently using this, but that is because of an issue on EnOS with a particular AUR package I need for work.
  • For a distro that fully supports every DE and WM: ArcoLinux
    → The maintainer is the best teacher that the Linux community has IMHO.
  • For people who require/prefer a different init system and need something as close to base Arch as possible: Artix
    → Which we’ve already discussed
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A true and handpicken catalouge of collections I would say !

Seems like you are a very , A VERY , experienced linux user brother, which explains your vast knowledge

Needless to say , I appreciate and admire your excellence. A bit jealous too :wink: