KDE display desktop icon missing

Hello community
I just install Endeavour Artemis (new clean installation) with KDE
On first boot there is a missing icon at the bottom bar

Ways to solve this or replace with something to display desktop

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right-click on it and select “unpin from task manager”

We don’t ship discover but plasma provides the icon by default

Also, welcome to the forum!

jia su @proteas welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:

thank you guys.
am trying to move from manjaro KDE to endeavour KDE so i have that kind of problems
Ya sou

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Welcome @proteas
This is the best step to enjoy your life.
I just did the same since yesterday.


Honesty I believe both distros are great, Endeavour is for more hardcore users and Manjaro is more new users friendly and Manjaro desktop is more green :smile:


I agree with this point completely.

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Purple has always been seen as a more cerebral, spiritual colour. Sometimes as a royal colour. Green? Isn’t that Bruce Banner, the Hulk? :thinking: :wink:

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