Kde desktop and panels disappear randomly

Sorry for replying so late. No, I haven’t changed the font.
This past days kde was still buggy and I tried not to use the pc too much. I’m probably going to reinstall Endeavour and just use my ssd for a while until I can get new drives
Edit: But before that I’m running a long test on the hard drive

That’s a good idea. Sometimes a short test passes and i have seen that in the long test they do fail or i just have a hunch that the drive is done and replacing it made a huge difference. Hope it goes well.

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But its weird… Today Kde is acting more normally than in the past few days. So far, the desktop haven’t broken up but its still having lag

I don’t get any lag on KDE. It is the most fluid and responsive desktop for me although i don’t have issue with other either. I just like Kde Plasma better but i do like a lot of other desktops also.

Before, I was having lag when trying to open the settings.
But now is more randomly, I can be moving my mouse or opening a program and the system will freeze for 1 to 3 seconds.