KDE Connect is a blessing

2008 - USB 3.0 was released, 15 years after no Open Hardware alternative was developed, and most of the smartphones have a usb 2.0 interfaces.
Situation with PCs and laptops is much better, but to connect them together for data transfer, you need to have both ports and cables with support of both directional transfer.
Sure, you can use ethernet, but personally I don’t have any which is not in use.

Thankfully, here comes the WiFi 5 and KDE connect.
~22Gb file transferred in about 5 minutes. WOW.
Also, it has wireless monitor feature, but sadly only for Wayland.
Good surprise - you can manually pause file transfers or just take away your phone/laptop, and when devices will be in the same network again the download will automatically continue. WOW x2.

The only thing that I’m regretting is that I didn’t bought a router with WiFi 6 support, cause I thought there is no need to me for it.


Never tried transferring a large file to my phone using KDE Connect. Mostly using it for small file transfers and to share the clipboard, works great!

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It works flawlessly in data transfer from PC to phone, phone to PC and PC to PC/Laptop.