Kde connect-hyprland-endeavourOS

So as the title says I’m on hyprland endeavourOS.
I want to use kde connect, the app opens but doesn’t shows on my phone. (I downloaded it using Pacman)

heres the screenshot of it

Did you open the kde connect service in the firewall?



It sort of works in hyprland, can’t use remote input, but it does transfer files.

## KDEconnect:
exec-once = /usr/lib/kdeconnectd&!
exec-once = /usr/bin/indicator-kdeconnect&!

indicator-kdeconnect has disappeared from the aur, I would recommend using something like localsend to transfer files.

Notifications work, if you want the install package for indicator-kdeconnect, message me an email address, I have it in my cache still.

Somebody mentioned something called valent recently, might work, not tried.

Adding it worked

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