KDE connect battery usage

I used to have KDE connect on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra phone, but I uninstalled it due finding the app seemed to be a battery hog. I am now concidering putting it back on.

Has anyone else had a problem with excessive battery usage?

Any helps or tips would be great.

Many thanks


No, it’s still pretty much a battery hog. I only use it as a mouse remote, so I just turn it off for the most part. If I tell my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to never sleep it, it’ll consume a lot of battery. If I put it to sleep often or into a deep sleep, it pretty much becomes useless unless the times when I actually need it. So I use it selectively, but I do appreciate it’s features. It always being ON is a battery hog, so I wouldn’t recommend using it or leaving it on unless you need it, just letting it idle will consume a lot of battery.

I never had any issues with it and battery on my Realme C3, maybe see if your phone has any power saving options and see if they help. I only really use it for notifications and transfering files however and occasionally as a media remote

On my phone? No I also always turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if I’m not actively using them. Those will kill battery faster than KDEconnect will.

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