Kalu generating double notifications

So, I notice that in Cinnamon, if you have Kalu running and checking for updates, it generates all updates twice (once in it’s own notification and one in the systray notification applet).

Ideally only the notification applet should show them, though it acceptable if only Kalu shows them…

try to look in auto-start, look if notification-daemon is loaded, try to disable it? i think the way cinnamon introduce is probably not with notification-daemon… big guess … saw something on web about d)bus they use.

Nope, not it. It did not trigger the Xfce notifications, but Cinnamon has basically no settings for notifications other than “yes or no”.

Edit: Found a workaround: Adding a setting in the .config to disable notifications until clicked on (icon turns blue but don’t show any notifications). Good enough.

Edit again: The setting is mentioned in the manpage under “help” in the right click menu.

Edit the third: Workaround actually working great: despite Kalu not displaying notifications the built in notification applet gets a trigger and reports the updates!