Just Wondering If Anyone Here is Using Splashscreens I Make

Wondering who here is using any of my splashscreens, Plasma 6 is coming out soon and I’m wondering which ones I should focus on porting. If you are using one please comment the splashscreens name and I will do my best to try port it over.

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i do not think so anybody is

I don’t think that’s correct unless they are downloading them and not using them the last one I upload only a few hours ago to pling/kde-store and they have been on github for 2 years ago have had downloads already


From a few years ago, think before you post

the link was clicked from this site?

No these are only the ones that I’ve uploaded to the KDE Store/Pling, github where I keep most of my stuff that I share doesn’t count downloads. And I this site doesn’t host files which is why I upload my wallpapers to github as it keeps the original quality and extension where this site converts it