Just wanted to say thank you :)

I just want to say thank you to @joekamprad for all the hard work that has gone into the EndeavourOS i3 WM. He managed to make the configuration in such a way that it enables people new to a tiling WM to easily transition from a traditional desktop environment. It is still keyboard-centric but still has the mouse functionality to fall back on as you learn the keybindings. I have learned more about linux, the terminal, file structures, and some basic scripting in the last few months than I have since I have been using linux (around two years now). I have tried at times of frustration to go back to a traditional DE and just can’t do it anymore it just doesn’t feel right. Half the time I can’t stand my windows machine at work because I keep hitting $mod+c to close a window :smile:
Diving into all the config files and seeing how they work gives you a tremendous feeling of respect for all the work that has gone into EndeavourOS i3.
Anyway since i already sound like some fan boy, thank you @joekamprad :beers:


hooked :rofl: me think more fish be hooked by joekamprad soon… I agree he made a wonderful i3 …


Me too, about too…


How do you get into the config files? I’m still looking at converting also but haven’t had the time to dig into it. Maybe over Christmas holidays.


they in .config/i3( on my system)


I agree with @Elloquin, thank you very much @joekamprad much appreciated.


It is not me alone it developes by contributions from Eos-Team Eos-Community and on Top the open-source community over the net.

I am lucky to contribute something that provides a solution for the issue users have with i3.