Just to say hello

Good point. No matter how good a distro, or any piece of software is, there always comes a time when one gets stuck and needs advice/help.



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Welcome @Klaas-Vaak :rocket:

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Hi guys i’am also a new guy on the forum and yeah i feel purple :slight_smile: just want to say hello :slight_smile:


hi @RedBlizard, welcome :slight_smile: :purple_heart:

Word of the day!

plauditory adjective. Applauding; commending.

But, having looked at Arco, Reborn, Manjaro, Artix, Calculate, Salient

You are relentless aren’t you?! This is exactly the kind of attitude that will be rewarded by Linux / Endeavour OS.

As a new user, these two resources could be of good help to you:

Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do! :fire: