Just to give you guys a heads up

Firefox plasma integration add-on breaks global media controls for Firefox, they work flawlessly out of the box without the add-on.

Media controls are working fine here with plasma integration.

Can you provide specifics of what isn’t working for you?

I fixed the issue for myself, just sharing, thank you for asking nonetheless.

Play/Pause works, Prev/Next track buttons didn’t, disabling/uninstalling the addon from firefox fixed it.

OK, well my point was that the plugin is working for me here on Firefox and Plasma so whatever the issue was should be fixable.

By disabling it you are losing out on the other benefits that plugin provides. I am not sure if any of those are important to you.

Thank goodness, I can finally get a good night sleep without worrying!

Don’t bother sharing the solution with the community, they are a bunch of losers, they don’t need to know…

Sorry for the snark.

BTW, I can’t replicate the issue, everything works fine on my end with the Plasma Integration add-on.

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Now, now. For many people, disabling or uninstalling misbehaving software is a valid solution. For example, you can fix MS Windows by removing it from your PC.


So true :joy::joy:


I think they meant that they fixed it by removing the add-on. Not that there was a secret solution they weren’t telling us about.


Yesterday evening my keyboard behaved kind of strange on Youtube. Spacebar didn’t work at all in Youtube searchbar. It was working perfectly outside Youtube. Instead of inserting a blank video playback was paused. Strangely it fixed itself over night. I have no clue if it was addon related, an issue on Youtube’s side, a Firefox issue or something completely different. Didn’t change anything and didn’t test another browser.