Just saying hi, and a little background

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Just saying hello. I use the LXQt desktop, have ancient hardware, and I am a serious Hearthstone addict.
Long time Linux user, since 2006 when I installed Ubuntu Breezy Badger, within a few months I deleted Windows and never went back. I have used pretty much every major distribution, and quite a few small ones over that time. About 8 years ago I even tried Arch, but was unable to keep a working install longer than 4 months. That was before a lot of experience and the introduction of timeshift. My house is all Linux, even my 66 year old wife uses it.
Lately I have been using Manjaro, and I will likely keep a Manjaro install as I create the SbK spins that use Manjaro. But some lingering bugs have me looking for a new daily driver. Who knows, perhaps an Endeavour spin is possible. I know the SbK theme packages and my repository work with Endeavour now.



Welcome @JimB

Welcome to the Purple Side!! :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome @JimB!

Welcome @JimB . Your valuable experience will certainly help many users coming here.
Hope you enjoy your stay at EndeavourOS.
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Somewhat ancient here too, 3 GB RAM desktop, on which I am running KDE successfully without any troubles so far.

Unless you’re wanting to create a community profile for EnOS you’re better off basing a spin directly on Arch. There are plenty of people who do this already and very successfully.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome!

Since I already have a very customized Manjaro iso creation setup on an old Dell I made into a server, I would likely try it over Arch first. From the short look into it I have done today the main difference would be the Calamares installer that Endevavour uses, package lists, and I would have to create a modified pacman.conf to pull the packages from the Endeavour/Arch repo’s. Since I already have a repository that I know works with Endeavour I can host the modified Calamares installer once its built along with any other modified applications.
But thats all down the road. Gardening is another passion of mine, and its early spring. The busiest time of the year for me. Right now I have hundreds of seedlings to take care of and harden off for myself, friends, and my churches community garden. Then the real work begins with amending soil and filling containers for plants.

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My tomatoes are going stong.

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Welcome to the community :beers:

Welcome mate

Welcome to the forum :enos_flag: :enos: :partying_face: :balloon: :tada: