Just installed the newest ISO and missing KDE packages

Seems this latest release removed more stuff that I need in my install by default. I tried searching what is removed but I have no clue how these packages are called.

One of the packages that is missing are one of the widgets. I am looking for that KDE package that contains the “Color Picker” widget.

Anther package that is missing is the want thats adds more alt-tab effects. In my case I now only see 3 options and that used to be a lot more. I am looking for “Thumbnail Grid”.

Does anyone know in what KDE package they belong so I can add them to my install script.

Ahh, just as I expected, making a thread provides the answer.

Stumbled upon the missing package that has it all: kdeplasma-addons.

If you want a less minimal install you can install the plasma group.

If you want a more robust set of k* applications you can install kde-utilities

If you want an absurdly bloated install with hundreds of packages you probably don’t need you can install kde-applications


KColorChooser (kcolorchooser)



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