Just installed the community edition, can't start bspwm, goes back to lightdm

Quickly the statusbar appears and maybe some windows, but I hardly have the time to see them and it crashes without sign nor message and goes back immediately to the login manager.
I don’t know how to ask for or redirect mistakes either, since calling bspwm isn’t done through a script, or not one that I know of at least.

Any idea ?

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go to tty in find bspwm config and comment picom

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so picom is buggy, that simple. Thanks !
… and now I realized it’s the beginning. LOOOOTS of getting used to…
Thanks again.

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I had the same problem and had to disable picom. Later when I enabled it again, I was able to login normally, strange. I don’t know if I did anything to deserve that :smiley:

Only thing that comes to mind is that I installed a package mesa-demos, because running inxi -Ga said it wasn’t able to print out all the info without glxinfo which is in that package. I unistalled it to see if the bug would re-emerge, but login and picom kept on working still. So I’m none the wiser :see_no_evil:

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I don’t know if there’s an issue with the picom from the official arch repors. I always installed from the AUR one of the forks aur/picom-jonaburg-git. Yes, it adds more stuff than the normal picom but it works.

I had a similar issue. I put picom in both my bspc and ./config and clicked on picom from the rofi menu. After that, stuck in a loop going back to the lightdm login screen,

Live and learn lol Next time, I’ll use the Jonaburg fork.

Awesome BSPWM edition, the wallpaper, polybar and rofi, and key binding info look great!

vsync = true;


vsync = false;

in the picom config could help…


cp /etc/xdg/picom.conf.example ~/.config/picom.conf
and edit ~/.config/picom.conf vsync to false…


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picom from arch repo is now autostarting when installed… if dex is running or WM is using some sort of xdg autostart implementation :wink: