Just installed NVMe drive.....I had no idea

This is an upgrade from an old HDD. Everything is so fast now. I had no idea how how slow the HDD is in comparison.

Approximately read performance is:

SSD is 5X faster than HD
m.2 drive is 5x faster than SDD
m.2 drive is 25X faster than HD

Write performance varies depending on the specific drives we are talking about.

If you look at m.2 drives that are pci-e 4.0 such as

Western Digital Black SN850X 1TB

Read 7300 MB/s
Write 6300 MB/s

Samsung 990 Pro 1 TB

Read 7450 MB/s
Write 6900 MB/s

Pci-e 3.0 drives are 3500-5000 range

There are a lot of cheap m.2 brand drives that are slow and not that good. This goes for SSD and HD also.

These are just some advertised specs which if connected to the proper hardware should work very well. Hardware does make a big difference.

You get light speed! :sunglasses:

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[…This is best read in the voice of Antonio Banderas…]

I was considering keeping the HDD installed as an ‚Äúarchival drive‚ÄĚ but, after a few days with the NVMe drive‚Ķit disgusts me‚ĶI cannot even bear to look upon its slowness any longer. I have wiped it, removed it, and relegated it to my parts bin where it shall languish for eternity‚Ķ
…(or until I need to cobble together a basic PC for some project :wink: )