Just got done installing hp printer

I’m brand new to Endeavour, total nube to Arch. I installed hplip drivers and configured cups. What a workout! It took me 4hrs and a whole lot of browsing . Just tooting my horn a little bit :slight_smile: Just wanted to give a shout out to all. I like the friendly vibes coming from here. Regards



My HP 5258 AiO almost installs itself. Not just on EOS, but on any Linux. HPLIP is magic. Once you get familiar with the CUPS web interface it’s a 3 minute task.

For future reference, I’ve found this page from the eos wiki to be all ever I’ve needed to get my old HP printer connected. Scroll down for the HP-specific instructions.


It will definitely be quicker to set up in the future. Now that I know the commands to start and configure cups…

Wish I had this guide earlier, it would have saved a lot of time for sure. I’m going to save it, thanks.

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I have a Samsung ML2525, wired by ethernet to my network. It took all of four minutes… Some are definitely harder than others! :slight_smile: Glad you’ve for it sorted!

I did get it sorted. It was a struggle though, being I’m brand new to Arch. All the commands are different, it’s a learning curve:)


did you come over from debian and its derivatives (ubuntu, mint, and such?). I did. i appreciate that learning curve from first hand experience.


I came from Lubuntu. My fingers were constantly wanting to type apt-get etc.:slight_smile: I had to look up all the pacman commands. And the amount of commands to get something done was different. On the other hand, when something was done, you knew what you did, where to find it and you had control over what and how to install. I am really going to like this distro. I just have a lot to learn :slight_smile: Also like rolling update. BTW, did I see you on Carbon Telegram?

You probably have this already, but bookmarking it is a good idea for Debian-based refugees:

and tldr pacman gives a useful subset quickly in the terminal! (sudo pacman -S tldr if you don’t have it yet)

No I didn’t find that yet, thanks. There is so much to read to figure stuff out. My biggest headache so far is learning the correct terms so I can do a proper search to find things. I’ll get there, one thing at a time.

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