Just curious to read what you guys think about the statements

I just want to see what you guys think about the statements the creator makes about new software is limiting the ability to customize. I personally understand the things he says about Wayland though. I’m still trying to figure out why we need a totally new xserver. Why not improve or rewrite the current x.org server?

Anyway just love to read what you guys think.

Well…he has a point.
Grass was greener, and :clown_face: horns was bigger back in a day kids!


That being said - it’s definitely not impossible to have fun on Linux right now, it’s just most people have shifted focus for…something else.

Probably coz codebase is very hard and young generation is very scared…and not without a reason! :rofl:


From what I have experienced and read over time - there is a lot of security concern over X11 codebase and how it works.

Wayland (Weston protocol - I think :thinking: ) is intended to be secure by design - is such thing will ever exist when humans are involved.

It is well known the more you pimp Plasma with dubious extensions or unmanaged themes based deprecated QML and obsolete javascript function calls the more unstable it becomes.

The same goes for Gnome. A good part of the Gnome engine builds upon javascript embedded inside display objects - and when you start to take those objects apart and replace some javascript or css properties - you are in for some interesting behavior.

With a major backer like Redhat - I believe they feel entitiled to demand some stability of the preferred desktop - I know I would it I were up there in the skies and had thousands of enterprises on my subscription list - enterprises which demands stability over everything else - including keeping the ability kept to a minimum - simply to keep systems stable from the above mentioned theming issues…

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We have AI. :rofl:

Even kids write better code than this so called AI “we have” currently… :rofl:

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= Wayland

I will admit GNOME is limiting, that’s why I don’t use it.

For what it’s worth - my grass legit is greener.

It’s got the only theming I need - light/dark. And honestly - I could do without the light option.

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I don’t think thast’s why I don’t use it :grin: I could probably live with the limitations - I’ve used (happily) worse over the years in terms of features. Of course, for me those years go back quite a while! What stops me is the implementation of the features that are there - the breaking of the top-left to bottom-right work flow.

I COULD use it, but I would HAVE to be paid to… well paid. Maybe the corporate mindset makes some sense!