Just announced that my apartment is being "upgraded" to SmartRent!

Wholly gawd, Derek, this whole thread is the shitz. The jam you’re in is the shitz.

Untenable is untenable. I would be looking for another career where catering to assholes doesn’t get you where you are now. You’re way too good a person for theses horses asses.

best regards

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So I went home early to sleep cause I haven’t in like 5 days from this or work. I’ve spent the last 6 hours prepping instead of sleeping.

Maybe my cocaine and hooker Vegas bender may come earlier than originally anticipated. I’m so furious.

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In the US no rights, they can just increase the rent and then you can decide to move out or stay! However, buying housing and credits are generally easier to obtain, so that’s the plus side, if you can afford it better to buy than to rent. It’s cheaper to pay monthly mortgage.

funny :thinking:

I think a lawyer should be able to tell you what your rights and legal options are, but from your description, rather than engaging in anything involving the legal system the company would probably choose to search for a less belligerent tenant.

Doesn’t look like you can oppose this beyond some initial statements on your side. Other than that, maybe for said lawyer to identify a grounds for suing them and maybe get some money out of them, but that would also most likely result in your eviction and those high costs of moving again. Lawsuits can take time…

Sure you could jam the signal or just generally interfere with the equipment in other ways, but then they could just come to check why their equipment is malfunctioning and maybe even have a legal case against you for tampering with their property.

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i would go back in the trees:

even smarter rent :rofl:


At least you won’t have any trouble with access entry :closed_lock_with_key: