Just a Thankyou on the Endeavour Welcome menu

This is just more of a thankyou more than anything.
I’ve got all but one machine in the house running Endeavour…the last one is an emergency computer with a loose power cord connection.

My thank you is, is that idk if it was by design or accident, but for those of us that need to update a bagillion machines that use KDE, it is VERY helpful to be able to find the Welcome menu in Lost and Found without having to goto the the konsole.

The reason this is so helpful is to help us guys avoid an ass chewing from your wife because there is an unknown menu on the screen…and you know how much the wives just like to push buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

This is very much appreciated feature that either the Endeavour menu or KDE does, but it is nice, and anytime “In my book anyway” you can combine cmd line and the desktop functions like a menu really can help people to learn a great deal faster learning behind the scenes stuff when it comes to linux.

It specifically helped tonight when I was teaching my 12 year old how to update the machine…
He doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a test tomorrow LOL


You can always bring up the welcome screen from the terminal also by typing in

Edit: You can also bring up the version
eos-welcome --version

Edit2: This is on the test for the 12 year old. :grin:


BTW, is anyone happens to disable the welcome app (which is easy on KDE), you can enable it it again using terminal command

eos-welcome --enable