Just a quick question about sdl2

Which version does arch use?




There’s an AUR package for sdl2-minimal-hg 2.0.9, if that helps you… :man_shrugging:


no… i was working on a weird bug with artix linux and filed a bug report with the folks at xpadneo and they reported that they suspected the bug might be related to artix using a diff sdl2 version than arch, endeavour, and manjaro. But as you have just confirmed, they are all using the same versions… Also Kai Krakow
from xpadneo-git asserts that my ipega 9023 isnt actually supported by xpadneo - its actual working notwithstanding.

just fyi my ipega 9023 works exactly as an xbox controller as expected in arch, manjaro and endeavour with steam games but in artix there’s this weird quirk in steam where the X and Y buttons are reversed. and so if i wish to game in linux free of systemd i either have to find a way around this bug or relearn X and Y buttons - the latter looking like the more real possibility at the moment.

at any rate i posted on artix forums after confirming sdl2 is the same version. TY!


This way you’ll the version:

pacman -Si sdl2
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