Job satisfaction

I was reading UK news Metro website and came across an inspiring reddit link

A very common story, which has made a strong impact.

Personally I was loyal to a job I love and didn’t care about the pay because it was lovely working there with great boss and fun colleagues. Unfortunately many moved on and company was less profitable with staff cuts due to covid.

I have had 3 jobs during covid and using my friends’ CyberSecurity firm pretending to be self-employed contractor and reference to hide my job jumps, as putting down on CV/Resume jumping jobs in short periods looks bad.

Been trying to find that same expectation of positive environment, which is more important than money. Working from home doesn’t suit me and I am getting fat.

It is inspiring story from reddit poster that are we all entitled to job satisfaction and hear your stories too during these tough times.


I write Bash wrappers for VB scripts, running on windoze. I hate my job.

The pay is good though.


Just become farmers and get turkeys. Best job ever


Or chicken :scream:

So. . . as a Turkey enthusiast. . . what do you do with them around Thanksgiving?? (US holiday where we massacre them to be served excessively alongside of many other dishes while we watch football and drink all day with family we usually don’t really want to spend time with.)


As a child I wanted to become a peanut farmer :grin:
I love peanuts!
Now I work in sales and I hate my job :nauseated_face:

I’ve always been in IT mainly as an Administrator. In my country, we don’t look much for job satisfaction we just do a job just to get a salary. That includes 80 to 90 percent of my countries workforce. Most business owners or bosses are asses.

I used to love the place I work but then with the experience I learned never to do that. I do work hard but always keep in mind that whatever we do office will turn on us in a blink of an eye. I’ve skipped a few jobs in my day.

Until I landed my current job which is a BPO owned by a Norway company. It’s not job satisfaction that’s keeping me here it’s the people I work with. Especially the guys from Norway. They didn’t look at my paper qualifications but they realized my skills when it comes to IT.

I’ve solved a lot of issues the company had with their main production server and the OCR system and many more. No one including the local management comes in my way or questions me. They have let me to my own devices. But still, even the company is good to me I’m still holding my position that the company might turn on me at any time. For the time being, I’m settled but who knows what will happen in the future.

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I love what I do. I can’t imagine another profession where I regularly work 60+ hours a week and still love it. I’ve given up a lot of things to continue running a golf course, but so far after 20 years, I don’t regret it.

All I can say, whatever you do, be the absolute best at whatever you want to be. I know so many people who try to value free time over hard work, or to just be at a “good job” so many times get over looked for jobs or careers they could have had that they would have loved and changed their lives for the better.

Be the absolute best at whatever you take on as a career. You’ll be more fulfilled and sought after. Life will be better as you’ll be more valuable. I have met far far far more happy rich people than happy poor people.

Maybe this doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s done me pretty well so far. And I love going to work most days.


Job satisfaction

That is an interesting term - and as old as mankind.


  • from point of view
  • depends on
  • amongst other
  • on how you were raised
  • who you allow to influence your life
  • on how much you reflect over life
  • reflect over nature
  • reflect over universe
  • reflect …

This is an interesting statement - isn’t it true that rich people just have other worries and in the end the same worries as the poor?

We all worry

  • rich and poor
  • how to raise our children
  • how to cope with diseases
  • how to cope with our own inevitable death
  • why all the evil
  • why all the unjust
  • why the inequality - rich and poor
  • is it ever going to change
  • will all our dark sci-fi movies predictions come to be
  • is it really survival of the fittest or the strongest
  • why do we call it humanity
  • after all everyone believes we decend from animals
  • so to quote the ancient greek

Let’s eat and drink cause tomorrow we are all dead

no that is not my way

Satisfaction comes

  • when you put away immorality
  • when you put away heavy drinking
  • when you put away drug abuse
  • when you put away anger
  • when you put away greed
  • when you put away envy
  • when you put away violence
  • when you put away sexual immorality
  • when you put away war and warlike behaviour

Saticfaction comes

  • when you become unselfish
  • when you show love for oneanother (not the sexual kind)
  • when you show happiness
  • when you are peaceful
  • when you are kind
  • when you are just
  • when you are good

All that triggered by the sentence Job satisfaction

Thank you. I guess I was seeking comfort because I felt guilty jumping jobs. I would meet new people and it is like “Welcome to the team”, “drinks after work to welcome you” etc I feel as though let people down after so much time invested in showing me processes.

When I was young the debt and mortgage just made me target highest pay, once that paid off now I seek working with positive people environment, even if it means paid less. I am a minimalist.

Having more money may or may not make people have. But lack of money does make people unhappy for sure.

Some bosses always treat you like a traitor when you want to move on. Why can’t they celebrate your success, thank you for the hard work and pleasant goodbye.

Gather my turkeys to eat vegetables. It’s thanksgiving after all :smiley:

It’s unlikely. I don’t know many rich people worried about eating on a daily basis.

Many may, but not all of us, for instance many of the things you mention - I don’t worry about.

I don’t make enough money for children still, so this isn’t a worry for me yet. I’m still a ways away from being able to afford this. With the current political disaster - I’m not sure I’d want to even if I could afford it. I am a little dissapointed I may not get to have this worry though. . .

I don’t worry about this.

Life is finite. If you live each day as though it were your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right. I’ve come to terms a long time ago that life is finite. I’m scared of it, but I don’t worry about it.

As long as we live and embrace Dogma - evil will prevail.

Life isn’t fair. It never was, it isn’t today and it never will be and as soon as we come to terms that life isn’t fair - we can stop worrying about it.

This is actually fairly easy to explain - but due to the forum policies on politics I can’t copmletely explain it to you - PM me if you’re interested. But, general gist - we allow it to happen to ourselves mostly. Sometimes bad luck, lots of poor choices, lack of motivation and fear of risk is the 30,000 foot overview.

I don’t understand. . . Everything is changing so unbelievably fast, we’re not even thinking about if it should. What are you worried about not changing??

Likely yes. Now there’s no more need to worry.

Right now - neither. Modern medicine has gotten so good in a number of ways we’re actually seeing bits of de-evolution where folks who would have never survived long enough to procreate are how having children with the same or worse ailments. 1000 years ago - they likely would not have survived and genetic selection would have opted them out. . . It’s harsh, but the world is not a nice place to exist realistically. Everything is fuel to something else. Mother nature will eventually restore order and the fittest and strongest will survive again. If I were to guess - humans won’t be involved in that process anymore.

Anyway - JOB satisfaction is achievable. Be the best, it’s helped me a lot.

That’s part of the process. I manage a team of 35-40. Many people want to be part of a team - there’s a great feeling of satisfaction when accomplishing something together. There’s a saying - employees leave bad managers, not bad jobs - so when I read this:

They shouldn’t be a boss. I want my team to move on and do better. I tell my guys regularly - if they want my job - earn it from me. I will never fault someone for trying to better themselves - no one is going to look out for you - but you. A lot of folks don’t want to be the boss though - it’s certainly not easy. If they aren’t proud for you - they don’t deserve you on their team anyway. And if you’re leaving for being successful - you’re hitting my mark of being the best at whatever it is you do. I bet it feels pretty good too! That’s job satisfaction. Welll done!


They only kid you they are happy, After living living in a 3rd world country where the average wage per month is 1/2 what the average American earns in 1 hr your assumption is false. These were the happiest humans i have ever met not only that they help they ones with nothing, and would sacrifice a meal to feed a stranger in need.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. Once someone said to me be the go-to guy for whatever you do. If I’m the guy who manages the IT infrastructure then be the best and be the one everyone comes to. If I’m the bash programmer be the goto bash guy who does stuff others can’t.

I’ve seen this a lot. Most people seek jobs where they get to do nothing. They just go to work to keep their chair warm. Personally, I don’t like when I have nothing to do (it kind of drives me nuts). But working had eventually ended up me running out of things to do and having more than enough free time in my hands. And then I found Enodavour and our Norway team did a server-end software update. I’m happy now lots of things to do (mainly fixing what update broke).

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I too see this a lot. These are usually the people who also tend to be the most unfulfilled in their careers too surprisingly enough. I hate it, the day drags on forever when there’s nothing to do. They also likely have an awful manager. It’s my job to keep everyone else working. If I can’t keep others working, either I’m not good at what I do, or I’m not good at staffing for the needs of the company. Either way that would still be my fault as a manager.