Java game problem

Good afternoon, everybody. First I have to start by thanking the EOS team for such a good operating system, I like it a lot. I want to take advantage to highlight a bug that I got and is that even if I check the autologin box when installing EOS this us and active, yes, you only have to edit a file, but it is an option that should work. I would also like to suggest pamac as a default package manager.

Now, yes, I want to talk to you about the main topic of my post. I have a problem not with EOS as such, but with linux in general and it is that there is a game that I usually play in my free time called oldschool runescape, this runs with java, when running it on windows this consumes approximately 40% to 60% of the cpu, with EOS is the only distro that I get is erendimiento, however the real problem with linux is that the first couple of minutes of running the game uses almost 100% of the cpu, I would like to know if anyone could help me and get a way to make consumption uniform from the beginning. Thank you in advance

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What is it doing for the first couple of minutes? For example, is it populating the world, generating the environment, collecting data from other players, … ?

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The game uses a previously downloaded cache, so it runs as a local game with an online, that load is not the reason for the problem.
I’ve managed to quite improve the performance of the game using
-Xss2m -Xmx512m
execution, according to official information. However, performance remains patchy unlike in Windows. I’m starting to think that the problem is the version of jre11 for linux, rather than linux itself.
Is there anything else I can do to optimize java?

I don’t think this question can be answered.


One long shot comes to mind: does the game support another java version?

I suspect this is an XY Problem and it’s nothing to do with the Java version, e.g. it’s probably more likely to be down to graphics drivers (e.g. nouveau vs. nvidia) or another background process (e.g. a freshly-installed baloo or Electron-based applications running in the background).

There’s also an Old School Runescape-specific support forum over here:


So far I have managed to run it with java 8 and java 11, and the result is the same. I’ve also run other java games like shattered pixel dungeon and unlike osrs it’s going well, normal, maybe it’s when running online.

What version of the Java JDK are you using?