James Webb Space Telescope is launched

Let’s celebrate the successful launch, I assume the onboard systems run some version of Linux? Maybe not a rolling release :sunglasses:

How will the Flat Earth community handle the launch?


Some might be mourning… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Obviously it’s flat, otherwise I’d spill my drink.

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Like always:


that look like Gnome dev meeting after read community feedback/reviews :innocent: :wink:


Can’t wait to see some amazing pics from this new telescope :smiley:


Actual GNOME dev’s with community suggestions:



I heard that the telescope records IR spectrum. I can’t read a picture in the IR spectrum. This sounds like a scam to me. :sweat_smile:


Yep, have read this also this morning. Seems like they can just enhance other pics (from Hubble I guess?) with the data they get from the JWT.

Puzzled and mildly annoyed by this unending flat Earth vs spherical Earth debate, I fetched a 4 foot spirit level from my garage and placed it in the center of my dining room floor on a North-South alignment. The bubble indicated dead-level. I tried it East-West. Still dead-level. The argument is over folks–the Earth is indeed flat.

And the fact of course that Christopher Columbus and his three ships did actually fall of the edge of the earth.




It only means that you have flat dining room. Try in on the roof.
Or your dining room is at the top of the globe. Try it in your neighbours house. :grin:

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Make light of my methods huh? Very well. Since my irrefutable spirit level evidence is not enough for you, I present experiment #2:

I attempted to balance a tennis ball atop a beach ball and found it impossible. No matter how carefully I centered it, the tennis ball rolled off, because everyone knows you can’t put a ball on top of another ball. Next, I placed the tennis ball in the middle of the kitchen table. It stayed right where I placed it, because the table is flat. Finally–and this is my coup de grâce for you round Earth extremists–I placed the tennis ball on the sidewalk in from of my house and it stayed still–just as it did on the table. If the Earth was round the ball should have rolled quickly away from me all the way to the equator and fallen off! Game over–again!

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So the James Webb Space Telescope launched.

Now what?
T+2 Days: Webb initiates the second of three mid-course correction burns.

Would you like to know more?

So mankind can launch a huge telescope in orbit but has somehow major difficulties in portraying the correct size of Africa on maps. That’s kinda weird don’t you think?


Wow! I knew that flat maps don’t show real proportions but I didn’t know how huge the difference can be. Interesting read!

Not really, if you think about how to project the surface of a sphere onto a cylinder which unrolls into a flat map. Try to do some UV unwrapping in Blender, and you’ll understand how this works.

For example, this is a human face texture, that projects nicely onto a well-proportioned 3D model:

Once flattened, however, there is no way to make it correctly proportioned.

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I get that but my point is that it’s a small inconvenience if any to show a correct scale. To make my point, do you ever see a drawing of a human face looking like the picture you just showed? No because it’s just stupid!