I've been practicing Digital painting on the side, two months in and I'm still practincing sketches. Whatdya think?

Greetings fellow Humans, Human fellas.

For the past few months, I’ve been doing some sketches of Rayla, a character from the show “The dragon prince”. It’s a great show BTW. Worth watching on Netflix.

I’ve been at this for two months now. It’s slow, but progress is progress.

Left has the referene image, above the reference photo is a breakdown of the reference to make it easier to draw.

I don’t really have anywhere else to share this so I thought you guys might appreciate it.
I’me drawing on this shitty Wacom bamboo tablet. It’s really old, isn’t very accurate, reads ghost swipes etc. But it works out of the box on LInux so that’s a plus.
I’ll be getting a better tablet anyways. The XP pen deco v2 looks nice. Cheap, accurate with offical linux drivers.

Anyways, that’s all. Cya


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got also a xppen but try sometimes and then break it off :slight_smile:

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