Its time i started to dig below the GUI

I am here because of changes at Manjaro. No need to elaborate on that.

Ive been gunna get more hands on below the bonnet (hood) and this provided the kick in the bum to get going.

I have so far survived a no font in terminal, followed by no pamac, But a little bit of reading fixed them.

I love the minimal install of EOS.

Thank you for providing this.



Welcome, this is the place to do that. Hopefully you set the font in the terminal and installed pamac using yay.


Great that you already have made your way here. As you probably have read and seen, this community is always willing to help.


The font fix was a simple checkbox click. The pamac was a different story that is worth a giggle.

I used yay to install pamac, BUT could not find pamac in the menu’s.

I then added pakku and added pamac again which was weird as i thought i seen some files uninstalling.

And still no menu item for pamac.

Finally my brain went click and i looked for add programs in menu. I very nearly give myself an uppercut for that one.