Its 2022, what DE/WM will you be using/switching to?

I might try a bit of Sway, coming from i3 I’m sure it’ll be an exciting challenge.

I suggest it is time you switch on a WM edition like BSPWM, for example and stop using the mouse so much.
If the computer is a tool to accomplish a task, the same goes for the mouse.
If you can do your tasks without using the mouse, you don’t need to know where the pointer is :wink: . Just set your WM settings such that the mouse follows the focused window.

It sounded difficult for me, until I decided to patiently use it. It works!! I can tell you that!

When we start loosing our capabilities, we have to find workarounds, like all blind or other disabled humans do :bulb: .

And BSPWM can be configured using simple bash, to do whatever you like. Plus it’s great handling multihead!

manjaro kde is working good for . by far the best so i’ll be sticking to it

Gonna try out : (click at your own risk :crazy_face: )

Never seen that much pink in my life.

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Take a look at my mobile homescreen (at your own risk) :wink:


When KDE 6 bugship comes, GNOME 42/43 on Wayland if I could replicate my current KDE workflow there, otherwise MATE

That’s unlikely, kde and gnome are like the yin and the yang :yin_yang:

:grin: different workflows but can’t escape each other in a forum discussion

Ok after literally 2 days what I thought was going to be a KDE Plasma year, I’m back home on Gnome(Without any extensions, so far lol.). Would Guake be the better drop down termial for Gnome, or is there something better? Thanks!

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I tend to take xfce4-terminal with me wherever I go… nice drop-down, and easy settings, multi-tabs, colours, etc etc…

How do you drop-down xfce terminal?

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This ^^ :smile:

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Here’s the Settings/Keyboard - if you check you’ll see what I have set (CTRL - ` to activate but your choice).


The set-terminal is a script I have that pre-opens several tabs in places I often go (like Downloads and ~ and so on).


That might be the worst theme I have ever seen. :rofl:


Will stay with Cinnamon on my daily driver but I have KDE/Plasma in on my other PC and, I have to say, it has really matured since the last time I looked at it years ago. (still has the same issue with kwallet, but I use bitwarden anyways). I can see why Valve chose it for the upcoming Steamdeck.

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LOL, where to I get this “:poop: & Vom” theme from?

You haven’t looked too deeply, then! There aren’t all that many xfce titlebar themes with 38 pixel height - so I usually go with a variant on this one - especially as it causes no eye-strain.

It could have been worse - it could have been silver at the top!

Hasn’t Xfce gone full CSD in 4.16? (except thunar)

Not fully - just in settings so far I think. I lose track though, because

2 aur/libxfce4ui-nocsd 4.16.0-1 (+12 0.15) (Installed)
    A fork of libxfce4ui with the explicit goal of removing Client-Side Decorations (CSD)

some ‘improvements’ don’t need to happen! :grin:

I’m likely sticking with Plasma, especially if 5.24 has the overview/workspaces feature I’ve been hearing about fully baked in.

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