It is what it is!

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So I guess it is what it is. We’re last meaning we’re first. I get it. That’s how I feel about pacman.

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“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”


I don’t care about politics, I just like making fun of politicians, wherever they come from.
This includes the ones from my country.
You really have to be out of options to become a politician.

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that sounds like here in Germany, they dice their offices among themselves.

It is what it is. lol :joy:
We’re last meaning we’re first.
If I could have use that in University, I would be somewhere else now.

There should be some justice at the end of the road!

Keep dreaming!

We have been told so! So I’ll keep at it!

Politicians don’t look for justice, they look for how to get even…Unfortunately.

Yeah, unfortunately. But you know, it is what it is! :sweat_smile:

There are always exceptions to the rule

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I do. And in this case, I worry that war may be the only answer.

It is ALWAYS all about power!

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No, not always, and not in this case (IMO).
At some point , Europe needs to free itself from the blackmail of Turkey.