Issues with forced V-Sync in Minecraft (Wayland+x11)

Hello! I’ve been daily driving EOS for about 6 months now, and I finally decided to try and play minecraft. As we all know, it tends to drop frames when running with V-Sync on the monitor.

However, disabling it in the game settings causes it to disable V-Sync for windowed mode, but not fullscreen.

Strangely, running it in the background (unfocused fullscreen) has it with V-Sync disabled.

So I tried working around this by disabling the window frame in KDE’s settings, but that caused the game to re-enable V-sync, even while (now borderless) windowed.


Windowed Maximized

inxi output

If you can’t be bothered to look at the inxi - I’m running in KDE wayland with NVIDIA’s proprietary 535 driver.

Any ideas on what can be done?

Tried using x11, but it has the same issues. Damn, never woulda thought it wasn’t a NVIDIA wayland thing lmao

JVM Args such as
seemed to have no effect on the issue