Issues with EFI partition after each update

I am having issues with the EndeavourOS boot option dissapearing. I am able to fix it using a live ISO, mounting the system and EFI partitions and arch-chroot -ing into it. I have to reformat and rebuild the EFI partition and then run reinstall-kernels.

This has happened three times now, each after an update and its beginning to drive me up the wall. I cant keep a Live ISO on me at all times, and I have I have programs I need on it. I have a windows install dual booted with it as a backup that can suffice while I wait to get to a live ISO, but it is limited.

Are You using Grub? Systemd-Boot?

If you do not need Windows I would remove it. Having a dual boot can have more issues than needed especially if your not using one side.

I believe its systemd boot, whatever the default is.

I would remove windows, but with these issues i need to be able to use my laptop. I also havent had a chance to migrate everything yet, and still have stuff i need on windows too.

Can you try installing dracut-git and see if that resolves your issue.

Ive had a chance to repair the boot sector for now, and have installed draco-git. All seems fine for now, and I have had one update without trouble. Will update here if necessary.

This has happened with me twice . Windows tends to delete the systemd-boot/ grub entry very often for no reason. I resolved my issue by installing Windows 10 X Lite 20H2.

Noted, I’ll have to look into that.