Issues Getting Multi-Monitor to work on BSPWM

On just the BSPWM edition, I am having issues trying to get multi-monitors to work properly. I have done a lot of research and I think I have to do something with xorg.conf, but I am not sure how exactly to do it. I have tried using every single tool in the book and none of them have any effect, besides I can use arandr + xinitrc to move one monitor to the right, however the issue I am having is that even when I do this, my wallpaper and everything else don’t detect the 1080p monitor as 1080, or detect the entire screen as one monitor.

Wallpaper is set up with nitrogen… there you can choose how the pic will get sized and how displys will be shared or not for wallpaper.

Look at the main config:

# Set display from arandr saved script
sh ~/.screenlayout/ &

So if you setup displays with arandr and save your config as monitor it will be used on login to bspwm.

# Wallpaper
nitrogen --restore &

this restores your wallpaper settings you do with nitrogen


wallpaper with nitrogen :sunglasses:

Is there any template for an xorg.conf? The arandr + monitor script setup is an insufficient work around in my opinion.

As I see it, its not a workaround its how its supposed to work.