Issues after Fresh Install i3wm (Media Keys and Screenshots)

You my run into this problems after a fresh install of i3wm. If you are a noob like me this may help.

Multimedia Keys not working.

Make sure you have installed: playerctl before adding anything to your config file.

Issues with screenshots, install: flameshot.

After isntall you got to see the icon at your bar.

If it doesnt appear :

Search for : tray_output primary in your config file and comment it : # tray_output primary

Mod+Shift+R and the icon should appear.

playerctl is already there by default on every eos i3 installation.

scrot is used for taking full screen screenshots. flameshot can be useful for extra features like picking a particular area or annotation.

commented out by default.

Its for anyone installing i3wm from scratch. Not exclusive for Endeavour.