Issue with Mouse on Gaming

Hello. So I started using i3 recently and has been great.

Today I wanted to play a bit of Left 4 Dead and even on Windowed mode whenever I move the mouse pointer the game stutters like if the mouse were leaving the main window of the game. This happens only when moving the mouse pointer and not moving the mouse pointer and clicking for example.

Here is my I3 config (Mostly EndeavourOS default)


i would consider using a full Desktop Environment for Gaming, also it seems legit to have a small footprint WM used it is a known issue that Games do not like these environments…

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Yes I’m considering installing XFCE aside i3.

Besides that I read this [1] reddit post (from 4 years ago) where seems not to be much problems using i3 for gaming at least among the comments of the post. I couldn’t find much more about gaming and i3.


Solved, was a game configuration

Raw mouse input must be on ‘Enabled’ for me. Now works fine.



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