Issue with eos-update-notifier

If I click on the eos-update-notifier notification when it appears, nothing happens. The notification only disappears and no update is performed.
Did I miss something ? Isn’t a terminal windows supposed to appear ?

I think a notifier pop up is a notifier not a start button.

What is it?

EndeavourOS Update Notifier, as the name suggests, is a notifier for software updates. As many other notifiers, it can also start the update process.

Seems my language barrier is to big :slight_smile:

Welcome @Fredebec,

You need to use the welcome app to update or more. If You closed it, just tape in Terminal :


then update with the good button…
You probably want to configure it differently.

Hi @Fredebec. You can run eos-update-notifier in a terminal to see what might be happening. I’m using Gnome and gnome-terminal and it is currently working correctly.

but default setting is now set to notify only so it will not include a way to update directly per default… it only show if updates are available.

cat /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf 
### eos-update-notifier configuration file

## Check also updates from AUR:
CheckAurUpdates=yes          # yes or no

## Check also Arch news for you:
CheckArchNewsForYou=yes      # yes or no

## Alternative programs for showing the Arch news. Select one.
## Note: 'arch-news-for-you' uses an ad hoc way to determine if the news are
##       relevant to your machine. This mostly works well, but not always.
##       The 'eos-arch-news' shows news based on the date and shows only news
##       that are not yet shown.
## This option was added in eos-update-notifier version 0.9-1.
ArchNewsProg=eos-arch-news    # values: 'eos-arch-news' or 'arch-news-for-you'

## Prefer tray notification or small window for nofitying about updates?
## NOTE: if clicking the tray notification icon launches also the next panel item,
## a workaround is either to
##  - re-organize panel's notification area icons so that 'Yad' is not the first (uppermost), or
##  - add an empty launcher right next to the tray notification icon.
ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify    # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'

## What info to show about pending updates ("number of updates" or "package names");
## applies only when 'ShowHowAboutUpdates' is set to 'window':
ShowWhatAboutUpdates=number  # values: 'number' or 'packages'

you can change the line:

ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify    # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'


ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify+tray    # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'

so you get notification + a tray icon to click it to perform updates.

it is a update notifier also mainly :wink: but includes some very nice features!


Thank you all for your answers.
@manuel, thanks for the link. I see that I can modify “/etc/eos-update-notifier.conf” to change the behavior.
The system is up-to date now, but I will play with it later to test the options.

Edit: @joekamprad, thanks for the detailed solution !

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Right on. I totally forgot the default is to just notify! :partying_face: