Issue with creating install media

I attempted to create an install media on a USB stick by following the instructions on the EndeavorOS Installation guide HERE by utilizing the command line. Writing the ISO to the usb stick using the given dd command (which was /dev/sdd on my system) went ok with the following output

1946157056 bytes (1.9 GB, 1.8 GiB) copied, 11 s, 174 MB/s
464+0 records in
464+0 records out
1946157056 bytes (1.9 GB, 1.8 GiB) copied, 11.2156 s, 174 MB/s

but when I plugged the USB into the laptop I was attempting to set up with Endeavor, I got the following error message:

Selected boot image did not authenticate. Press Enter to continue.

following which the laptop immediately powers off when I press enter.

The laptop has a brand new ssd inside that has not been formatted, but that should not matter as I’m familiar with the installation process, which formats the disk as part of the install. The only things I have done are the things listed in this post. Is verifying the iso vital to installation media creation, or am I missing something else that’s vital?

You probably need to disable secure boot in the BIOS.


Disabling Secure Boot worked, thank you. I got confused for a second because the only option listed was for the built-in system diagnostics on F2. BIOS key was F9, and the only reason I found it was because I went through and tried all the function keys separately. It wasn’t listed as an option in the error message displayed on power on.


Glad it worked for you. Also, welcome!

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Thanks a bunch. I’m kinda bad at participating in forums but I’m trying to get more involved in the Linux community :slight_smile:


Judging from your first post, I disagree.

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