Issue with connecting to an old NAS


I’ve just switched from a different distro. My home area wasn’t separately partitioned from the rest of my system, so I backed up my home area onto an old NAS, which doesn’t support beyond Samba 1.0. I mounted it on EndeavourOS via this command in /etc/fstab :

// /mnt/BATCAVE cifs _netdev,nofail,rw,username=Skye,password=pasword,vers=1.0,x-systemd.idle-timeout=-1,rsize=20000,wsize=20000 0 0

(and, no, the password is not actually password)

It connects just fine, and I can see all of my files. It lets me copy individual small files, But, when I try to copy a folder, the copy operation gets to exactly 749 bytes copied, and then hangs.

TIA :slight_smile:

Have your tried removing the rsize and wsize options?

I originally didn’t have it there, I added it as a troubleshooting step as I read on an old linux forum post somewhere that it mitigated the issue. Without it, it can’t copy any files, but with it it can copy small files only, and no folders.

Upon further testing, it seems to be unable to copy hidden files; when I copied the data onto the NAS originally, I used AFP, which created additional .AppleDouble files. It fails immediately upon copying them, and works without them. I also can’t delete them. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of nested folders, so it would be incredibly cumbersome to recreate the folder structure and copy the files manually