Issue with charging


i’ve been facing a rather odd issue on my thinkpad t460s
could this be software? or def hardware?

  1. endeavour only, no dual-boot
  2. clone charger – original broke. worked for awhile.
  3. batteries have been recently replaced.
  4. computer only charges when off or below 40%
  5. i have cracked it open and checked – all batts installed correctly and suit the model number.

EDIT: batteries have been hardware reset via small button on back of machine multiple times

any pointers?

Probably not much help, but is it possible that the new charger is not powerful enough, or the specs of the charger do not match the laptop?

this was the first thing i’ve checked. specs and output are the same.

thanks for dropping by the thread!

i will be attempting repair of my old charger, but have a feeling that the same problem will persist. before it broke, it charged only BAT0, not BAT1. could there be issues with power control i am missing?

plus, after hardware battery reset or enough discharge it does charge to 100%, both directly and via dock.

That sounds strange. But I’m not really a hardware guy, there are others on the forum much better with it.
Hopefully @ricklinux and the others chime in?

Would there happen to be a setting in your BIOS/UEFI for this? On my last laptop there was something like this

I think i would get the orginal charger from Lenovo. They aren’t that expensive. Also check the bios for any battery settings.