Issue with Charge Limit after installing windows dual boot.

when I open windows and turn back to linux charge limit resets to 100% so my laptop charges up to 100%. How do I prevent this? I want it to stay at maximum of 95%.

TLP - Optimize Linux Laptop Battery Life

You could try this. Install with yay -S tlp
Enable TLP’s service in terminal sudo systemctl enable tlp.service

Read the tlp guide. Battery care is probably the one for you.


I think I would rephrase this to:
when I boot to windows charge limit resets to 100%
which is a question for a WinOS support forum :wink: .

First try to get an answer from a Windows support site.
If this is not possible, then make Linux reapply this setting after each boot.
How do you apply this setting in Linux?
If there is a single command that can do it, a systemd service that runs after boot succeeds, can run that command.
For a more complicated procedure, you may create a script and use it instead of the command.