ISO for installation on Pinebook Pro?

Hello! I recently got my pinebook pro.
Trying to install EOS on it, but it’s so complicated.

Is there any ISO that i can flash to my sd card or emmc?

Not at this time on EndeavourOS​:pray: what problem you have ?

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I want to install arch on emmc with installer script so i’ll be able to make(?) it endeavouros.

Is there any arch installer that works on pinebook pro?

1st best try sd card … There install script for EndeavourOS DE’s + useful tools . You need install Base arch 1st .

here will help " [ARM] Install EndeavourOS on a Pinebook Pro Part 1 "

or you use from here . " "

if you no sure or no confident do manual install you can try Manjaro . That another distro ( :expressionless: ) + that have simple new user installer . It heavy ( my opinion) but ok if you no use Arch before .

hope this help

Edit. " but it complicated " Maybe! but you learn more than use install script . It help you understand what go on + help when thing go wrong ( which they will :upside_down_face: ) .