Is Wayland stable enough

Hi guys

Is Wayland stable enough for daily use? I use Plasma on an AMD GPU.

If so, what is the best/recommended way to install?

Thanks in advance

No it is still bad in plasma.


On Fedora, it’s more polished. On EOS KDE isn’t.
But I am pleased to see it working on my Sailfish phone. Quite smooth.

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It is all a matter of perspective. There are still some issues with it but lots of people are now using it on a daily basis. It just depends how much you care about the things it doesn’t do well vs the things it does do well.

My advice is try it for yourself and then decide. It is pretty easy to install and remove.


I use it daily and now flameshot works… so I’m happy


I think Wayland is ‘stable’ enough to use. They’ll be no explosions. Like dalto said just try it out it’s merely a few extra packages that can be easily be installed and removed.

Plasma development on Wayland is progressive. Try it out if just to help their development and report a few bugs.

To install it

sudo pacman -S plasma-wayland-session

To make firerox run wayland


In .profile



I tried is for some days a month ago. There are many small things missing and sometimes programs/games didn’t work or froze. It sure is getting better, though. I’d give it a year.

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I’ve been using it daily since first of the year…no problems here.
Point of fact, I enabled the beta builds yesterday for KDE, and it’s even better and several problems are fixed (little things).

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Plasma Wayland is stable enough but not as stable and not as feature-rich as X. It’s currently a trade-off, it offers features X just can’t like proper multi-monitor multi-DPI support.

I’m using it fulltime now, but if you’re happy on X give it another 12 months to fix bugs and for applications to catch up.