Is using WINE my best bet here?

I have a mouse that appears to only have software to modify the DPI button settings and RGB for Windows OS. Is WINE my only option for managing those settings on this mouse, or is there some 3rd party open source software that can do this already available on Linux?

This is the mouse’s official software

I never knew this app existed - I just did a quick net search for “rgb mouse on linux” - so I have no experience or guarantees to give you, but you can try: piper

It has an Official Arch Repo, so it should be legit:

Looks like a good solution, but unfortunately it’s not being detected

Dang. Okay. So try the same search I did and see if you can find something in case no one else can come up with a solution.

Or check out the alternatives at

Exhaust the alternatives before installing WINE because it may still not work. For me, WINE is now only installed because I occasionally play Steam games.

Yeah, I hope there’s another solution. My DPI is so high right now, I need to bring it down :joy:

WINE is useful, but not easy.

Bottles is easy and works with a messenger I need to use in Thailand (everyone uses LINE which won’t run under WINE).

I’d suggest having a go with whatever works…