Is there such a thing in linux as---

–a cli command or app or program that will show a person all their CLI app installs only? (like top, fetch, pdfunite, etc etc)? thanks.

I don’t think so. Every program can be started from the terminal. So there would have to be a database that is maintained by someone who keeps track of what program is a cli tool. But there are so many small tools, it would be impossible to properly have such a database.

What exactly do you want to accomplish?

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not unlike package management/orphans/delete cache in yay and pacman
…just want to see the stuff I was enamored with once and never used again…and maybe see some forgotten gems…so to answer your question: housekeeping.

I would love if somebody invented it! thanks for responding.

I am not aware of such a thing you are asking for.

However, as a “workaround”, you could type a letter and tap the tab key twice to get a list of all the commands which begins with that letter.


 $ a
Display all 155 possibilities? (y or n)
a52dec                      aasavefont                  agetty                      amrnb-enc                   ar                          aserver                     autoconf                    avahi-publish-service
aa-audit                    aa-status                   ahost                       amrwb-dec                   arch-audit                  asn1Coding                  autoheader                  avahi-resolve
aa-autodep                  aa-teardown                 alacarte                          arch-base                   asn1Decoding                autom4te                    avahi-resolve-address
aa-cleanprof                aatest                      alias                       anacron                     arch-chroot                 asn1Parser                  automake                    avahi-resolve-host-name
aa-complain                 aa-unconfined               aljz                        androiddeployqt6            archlinux-keyring-wkd-sync  assistant                   automake-1.16               avahi-set-host-name
aa-decode                   acceleration_speed          alsabat                     animate                     arch-plasma                 assistant-qt5               autopoint                   avbtool
aa-disable                  accessdb                       annotate                    arecord                     atktopbm                    autoreconf                  avcenc
aa-easyprof                 aclocal                     alsactl                     any2djvu                    arecordmidi                 attr                        autoscan                    avcstreamoutdemo
aa-enabled                  aclocal-1.16                      anytopnm                    argon2                      audisp-af_unix              autoupdate                  avifdec
aa-enforce                  aconnect                    alsaloop                           arp                         audispd-zos-remote          av1encode                   avifenc
aa-exec                     acyclic                     alsamixer                   aomdec                      arpaname                    audisp-remote               avahi-autoipd               avinfo
aa-features-abi             adb                         alsatplg                    aomenc                      arpd                        audisp-syslog               avahi-bookmarks             avstopam
aafire                      addftinfo                   alsaucm                     aplay                       arping                      auditctl                    avahi-browse                avtest
aa-genprof                  addgnupghome                alsoft-config               aplaymidi                   arptables-nft               auditd                      avahi-browse-domains        awk
aainfo                      addpart                     amdgpu_stress               apparmor_parser             arptables-nft-restore       augenrules                  avahi-daemon                axfer
aalib-config                addr2line                   amd_hdmi_compliance         apparmor_status             arptables-nft-save          aulast                      avahi-discover              
aa-logprof                  addr2name                   amidi                       append2simg                 as                          aulastlog                   avahi-discover-standalone   
aa-mergeprof                adig                        amixer                      applygnupgdefaults          asciitopgm                  aureport                    avahi-dnsconfd              
aa-notify                   advtest                     amptest                     appstreamcli                aseqdump                    ausearch                    avahi-publish               
aa-remove-unknown           afmtodit                    amrnb-dec                   apropos                     aseqnet                     ausyscall                   avahi-publish-address

that is interesting.

 $ b
b2sum                       blkzone                     budgie-screensaver
badblocks                   blockdev                    budgie-screensaver-command
baobab                      bluemoon                    budgie-session
base32                      bluetoothctl                budgie-session-inhibit
base64                      bluetooth-sendto            budgie-session-quit
basename                    boltctl                     budgie-wm
basenc                      bootctl                     buildDocBookCatalog
bash                        botan                       builtin
bashbug                              bunzip2
bc                          brave-browser               busctl
bcomps                      break                       bwrap
bdftogd                     bridge                      bzcat
bd_info                     brotli                      bzcmp
bd_list_titles              btattach                    bzdiff
bd_splice                   btmon                       bzegrep
bg                          btrfs-extent-same           bzfgrep
bind                        budgie-control-center       bzgrep
biosdecode                  budgie-daemon               bzip2
blkdeactivate               budgie-desktop              bzip2recover
blkdiscard                  budgie-desktop-settings     bzless
blkid                       budgie-panel                bzmore
blkpr                       budgie-run-dialog           bzz

it’s showing frontend/gui commands along with the CLI-only stuff. blkid and budgie-desktop, for instance
I could work with this. I think it would take 2, possibly 3 pilseners to wrap my head around. I would be self-indexing and drinking which go good together…
Letter by letter it lists everything installed on the OS…thanks.

You could use a combination of letters too.

For example:

$ pdf  ## plus doubletap on tab key
pdf2dsc      pdf2ps       pdfattach    pdfdetach    pdffonts     pdfimages    pdfinfo      pdfmom       pdfroff      pdfseparate  pdfsig       pdftexi2dvi  pdftocairo   pdftohtml    pdftoppm     pdftops      pdftotext    pdfunite
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You could simply check what is in your PATH variable and ls those directories. You will find most installed binaries inside /usr/bin/.

ls /usr/bin

@I0F @pebcak

I had 0 ways to skin a cat…and now I have two. I love the community. Thanks for the jumpstart…

…see, it’s like this. I will install a CLI program and go “wow that’s really cool what I did here what a great tool” then POOF you never see it again because you never write it down and I never knew if I would a find it again.

I guess you can go exactly the other way around: definitely GUI programs should be registered in your DE by means of .desktop files in /usr/share/applicatons or ~/.local/share/applications. Each .desktop file should contain an “Exec=” line, from which you can dig out the executable name. Whatever gets left in /usr/bin and/or /opt are most probably CLI tools.