Is there anything like Remastersys for Arch? to make an ISO of current install EndeavourOS

I had used Remastersys in the past for ubuntu, to take my current install OS with extras that I installed, like add software like calibre , virtualdub, bookworm etc… added stuff to make an iso then used software like rufus to put it back on USB drive it helped me save bandwidth and was nice to be able to do that for making dvd customized versions of older linux before, is there software on arch based systems that can do the same sort of thing, I know the remastersys project or software been outdated and like dead software for some time now, and not sure if there is replacement software for arch or other titles of linux that can do the same sort of things, any ideas?Remastersys%20Go%20to%20System%20>%20Administration%20>,it.%20Double-click%20on%20each%20item%20to%20change%20it.

I think is like what remastersys was but I am not sure, and its not as up to date as endeabouros is I think, I have downloaded the gnome version but have yet to try it out as much as to see if there is any type of remastersys software in it or not. again that would not work for endeavouros hard drive installs. I don’t think this question has been asked yet , at least it seems I have not come aross a topic about it yet. sometimes I used remastersys to make USB images to install on more than one of my computers, but again its not been updated since 2008 and was only made to work with debian and ubuntu software.

`arcolinuxb-gnome-v21.11.05-x86_64.iso was the closed software that seems like remastersys for arch but I am not sure how that would work for endeavouros installs themselves`