Is there anything equal to Plasma KDE's "Sync Plasma Configuration for SDDM" for XFCE

On Plasma KDE, this option changes the SDDM theme configuration to the configuration used by the user. For example the cursor theme and the Num Lock key status. I mostly need it for that. I tried using the method from Arch Wiki, but it didn’t work :C
Any help?

AFAIK there is no such thing for XFCE. Plasma and SDDM are a common development, so it is expected they might want to provide such a convenience to their (Plasma) users.

Are you sure you have not any mistake on implementation? If you want to troubleshoot this, post exactly the steps and commands you have run.

Else, it is fairly easy to apply NumLock and Cursor theme to sddm, following Archwiki/SDDM page.

My advice is to apply Numlock custom setting to (main) sddm (using a snippet) and cursor theme to the active theme (using theme.conf.user file), so if you later apply a different theme (dark to light), the cursor should follow the theme to be better visible.

About the steps:

  1. yay -S mkinitcpio-numlock
  2. Then I entered /etc/mkinitcpio.conf with cd /etc/ && sudo thunar
  3. I opened mkinitcpio.conf with the text editor and located HOOKS= (I noticed something strange… The parameters inside HOOKS= where enclosed with double quotes (") and not with parentheses…)
  4. Anyway, I added numlock inside and waited until a kernel update (which came the next day)
  5. The update was successful but when I rebooted numlock was still disabled on the login screen

Thanks for the advice, I don’t really care for the cursor, I’ll try it!

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@petsam, I’m sorry for my inactivity, I didn’t have computer access the past few days…

If you want to troubleshoot this, post exactly the steps and commands you have run.

I’d actually want to, since I think that the wiki guide has to be functional, it’s probably me who’s doing something wrong. P.S: I mentioned the steps in my previous comment, some help would be really appreciated

Which one? SDDM or LightDM, or which one?
The linked method is for TTY usage and encrypted systems convenience.
For DEs, they mostly have a simple setting, except from LightDM, which requires a package (numlockx) to be installed.

Clarify what do you need, so you get relevant advice.

systemctl show display-manager | grep "^Id="

Sorry, my bad I forgot to mention. It’s LightDM.

Do this and check .
Logout should be enough for getting this change.
If it does not get it, try with reboot.

It worked, thanks a lot!
Is there something similar I can do for the cursor too?

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You can add cursor theme in the greeter settings. For example, with gtk-greeter:

Edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf

theme-name = Tela
icon-theme-name = Tela
cursor-theme-name = Tela
cursor-theme-size = 32
font-name = Cantarell 20

All info is in the Archwiki. It is a matter of a habit to first search Archwiki, when in need of a solution.
We have all started from there :wink:

I followed the Wiki’s tutorial, but none of the changes I made (font, icon theme, cursor and others) took place, even after rebooting. I used both lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings and manually edited the file.

Those settings must exist on the system and values should be in compatible format.

I suppose man pages would have better detail on this.
You might also clone and rename a theme and modify it, so you have your own. Also, man pages, and/or upstream dev support should have instructions.

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