Is there an easy way to make it look like Archcraft?

Hello there!
I tried different distributions now but I’m far away from being a poweruser…

Many Archcraft flavors look awesome, but AFAIK it’s a distribution for experienced users. I like things that work out of the box, I don’t want to install many things on my own.

Does Endeavour provide a flavor that is getting pretty close to a flavor of Archcraft?

Here are some examples of what I mean

I really like these two

Thanks in advance!

First, welcome to the community!

You could probably copy the configs from archcraft after you install. That being said, we also have bspwn and openbox community editions so check ours out as well.

Just a bit of warning that while EOS should work well out of the box, it tries to be somewhat minimal so you may need to install some things yourself here as well.

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@dalto thank you very much!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a gallery on the homepage. So with the tiling window manager it will look like this?

You can quickly try the bspwm or openbox editions in a VM to see if it suits your tastes.