Is there a way to specifiy the mirror during online installation?

I use the online installation because I don’t install any desktop but package download speed it very slow. I think it’s due to the mirror. So is there a way to change it?

(I should have saved the installation log but I didn’t, sorry.)

I think you could launch the welcome app in the live session and refresh your mirrors.

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I think right before installation mirrors are being refreshed so using welcome app to do that should have no effect. Wonder if there is a way to tell the installation to refresh the mirrors in some way.

(using worldwide rather than my country gives me better speed)

That’s the only way I know.

It’s also recommended in EnOS’ wiki:

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Are you sure the downloads are slow? How can you tell if you are not looking st the log?

I did click on the button that says something like “show log”. Every step of the installation is shown instead of the usual slideshow. The packages were downloading very slowly… the installation took so long… literally hours.

I did do what the wiki said. Maybe my internet was slow that day.

But I think I did see “refreshing mirrors” in the installation log though. (thus nullifying the above step)

If you change your mirrorlist with welcome prior to running the installer, the installer will skip the mirror ranking.

So the answer to your original question is that you can rank the mirrors manually using welcome prior to running the installer.


Thanks, so it must be my internet connection that slowed down the download of packages.


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