Is there a way to hide the text below the desktop icons in Plasma?

Hi there. A customization question re Plasma, if I may. Just think it would be pretty cool to have a clean desktop interface with icons and no text under them. Obviously I don’t want to have to manually rename every existing icon plus new ones with spaces, wondering if there’s a way to tweak that in a more hidey-instead-of-renamey, hassle-free manner. Thanks!

open there paticular .desktop file in a text editor and remove the Name=blahblah parameter

Figured it out thanks to this topic!

There’s a text file that needs to be modified, located at


It requires root to be modified and you might want to do it with Kate (Kate will kindly ask for password as opposed to stonewalling the edit). It contains the following two lines of code:
if ((frameLoader.textShadow && frameLoader.textShadow.visible) || fallbackRectangleBackground.visible) { return "#fff";
Change #fff to #00000000, then reboot or simply log out and back in, and the icon text will be invisible. It might have some other color instead of #fff so look for it using the first line.

Keep in mind, that file is going to get overwritten every time that package is updated.

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