Is there a software that notifies the user if battery percentage reaches a certain level?

I just tried out TLP, but does not work on my machine. Is there an app that notifies me if the battery percentage gets too low or reaches a certain level? I usually don’t notice it so it would be nice to get a message or sound notification. Does someone know a software that satisfies these needs?

If you’re using KDE Plasma, the feature is builtin

System Settings -> Power Management -> Advanced Power Settings -> Configure Notifications

I am using GNOME :c

tlp is a daemon that allows you to throttle or increase actions of your cpu to save or burn battery. It’s not a notification server.

You could write a shell script and run it in the background. If battery level gets too high, you may want to warn as well as a battery level too low.

I use dunst as a notification daemon, so my script makes a call like this for under 10% and repeats every 15-30 seconds:

notify-send --urgency=critical “Battery is low!” “Battery is below 10% - Recharge!”

I get the battery level with the acpi command and parse it’s output.

twm fans make these little scripts and they are all over github.