Is there a distribution that goes alld systemd?

As the titles says it already: Is there a distro that runs full systemd? From systemd-boot, to systemd-mount… not using any(!) old school tools?

i think a lot tools is already there but full , atleast the most :slight_smile: myself runs systemd-boot , personal my preferences because, i setup easy my entrances , so i have a entrance that boot direct to tty… how fuller you can i dont know… there is stil alot already ?

I was thinking of a distro that is going full systemd. Meaning from bootd to mountd to journald to homed without any old tools. I don’t know if there is any…I just hoped that some freak has already created something like that.
Basically I just want to see how I would manage… a big D :wink:

(There is so still some much “old” stuff in most distros from /etc/fstab to crontab to at.allow to (x)initd to tzconfig…I just wonder if a “clean” systemd distro exits)