Is the forum open to young members?

My 14 year old son has just installed EndeavourOS on his laptop.
Is he okay to join the forum (too young?) - he hasn’t yet decided whether he will.
Sorry, I couldn’t find anything which said yes or no - maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places?


I think if you as his father will allow him to join it will be legally okay.

And we also try our best to keep the forum free from stuff that could be bad for youngsters.
I see already a rising number of younger users here at the forum and more at the help chat on telegram.

And in my opinion also having two kids, it is a good idea to start early, the younger you start the faster you can learn and understand, what will lead to knowledge and may also It can lead to arousing interest in computer technology and a start to an apprenticeship in this direction much easier.


Yes I am fine with it. I was a member of the Antergos Forum as well, so I know you all are very friendly and helpful.
And yes I think he will learn and understand more by using EndeavourOS than Ubuntu et al
Plus he can ask me if he gets stuck, or better still ask you guys.


So well then it’s family anyway :wink:


and we have rules and a bunch of very respectable @moderators


Yeah, we have “fun” but it’s all pretty clean fun and as @joekamprad said there are moderators in place to step in if it was to get out of hand. I think we should always be open to welcoming everyone, and point out that there are some rules about being decent and respectful.

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Just be careful of people (unfortunately, some on this forum as well) exposing your kid to snapd. They are impressionable at that age, and the next thing you know, they’ll be using Buntu!


Except for the pub, of course :beer: :grin:

YouTube is a much worse place there;)


True, mostly because of all the kids there not knowing how to behave…

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One question. Is the young person up to the rigours of being considered an example of how people SHOULD be behaving on forums? It might shake up their worldview… :grin:

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Growing up with all this ticktock yt instagram can be really screwing up your worldview already a long time before you are 14 and join EndeavourOS forum :wink:


Seriously. There’s no way this forum is worse than this stuff. By miles.

I’m probably the worst person on here, and . . . .

Nevermind, that’s probably not a very good argument to make.


I challenge that. If there is a gutter route to take, I am all in. :flushed: :rofl:


I can think of worse than both of you. :wink:


Don’t be so hard on @keybreak


Being bad is…BLOAT!

And i don’t endorse any form of BLOAT… :innocent:

You sound like you fit in well with some of us then.

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He was unhappy with the speed of the games he plays and went back to windows :sob:
I did try to a responsible father and introduced him to linux a number of years ago.
When he was in years 4,5 and 6 (he is in year 9 now) he did a bunch of school assignments using scribus and other foss tools on the “spare” laptop which ran Antergos is now running Endeavouros.
But now he has his own laptop and has discovered games…

This is why the correctional smack should be reinstated.